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Episode 23: Shane Norte and Matz: Native Ceremony and Medicinal Hallucinogens | Live From The Rez Podcast

February 10th, 2021
Shane Norte drops into the Live From the Rez Studio with guest Mark Matz to discuss Ceremony, and Hallucinogen use as medicine. Norte is a spiritual leader and the leader of the Church of The People for Creator and Mother Earth or "Church OTPFCME". Norte is a Decriminalizing Nature National Board Member. Norte, a member of the Morongo Band of Indians brings friend Mark Matz to share experiences using Hallucinogens as medicinal therapy for a wide range of issues such as Post Traumatic Stress. Mark Matz of is a former Navy Seal who has spent time experimenting various methods of healing before becoming an advocate for The Church OTPFCM.


Episode 22: Actor Jonathan Joss and Personality Adrian Brown

November 29th, 2020

Viejas Tribal Council Member Adrian Brown and Native Actor Jonathan Joss stop into the Live From The Rez Studio. Jonathan Joss is best known for portraying the voice of John Redcorn from the animated series King of the Hill, and for his recurring role as Chief Ken Hotate in the hit show Parks and Recreation. Adrian Brown, currently a Tribal Leader within his Reservation, is renowned for his work around film and music. Together, these two charismatic Natives share stories for the road, and the importance of Native American Representation in film and popular culture.

Episode 21: Comedians Mylo Wayne Smith Jr. and Joe Durbin

November 29th, 2020

Alongside host Ral Christman Sr., Native Personality Joseph Durbin and Native Comedian MYLO Wayne Smith Jr Stop into Live From The Rez Studios to share some healing stories from the trail. Topics include: Native Activism, Native Protest Culture, Ceremony, Healing, Native Funerals, and a slew of other related topics. Special Guest appearance by Manapi’s traveling spirit.

Episode 20: Traditional Singer and Cultural Preservationist Arkamez Blankenship

November 29th, 2020

Cultural Preservationist Arkamez Blankenship stops in to share his journey as an active member of the Morongo Bird Singers. The Morongo Bird Singers, lead by acclaimed Elder Singer Walter Holmes, travel throughout Indian Country sharing their traditional cycle of Cahuilla Bird. In this episode, Arkamez shares his journey as a Bird Singer and some of the history and protocols around the Bird Song tradition. Arkamez is a respected educator, historian, linguist, Peon Player, and champion Meme maker.

Episode 19: Traditional Singer Daniel Murphy

September 1st, 2020

Traditional Singer Dan “The Tin Can Man” Murphy stops in to share his journey as a Pipa Tipai Song Cycle master singer and cultural Practitioner. Daniel Murphy is a member of the Quechan Nation , who devotes himself to the cultural heritage of the Yuman people. Dan Talks about his journey as a singer learning, participating, and now leading. Dan also shares insight into what the culture is now.  

Episode 18: Anthony Tesam shares his experience with Tribal Blood Qauntum and Tribal Enrollment

September 1st, 2020

Anthony “Kickstand” TeSam stops by the Live From The Rez Studio to share his experiences with Tribal Enrollment policies, education, Mixed Martial Arts, and a few stories from The Rez.
Anthony TeSam is from the Kumeyaay Nation, and has lived his life on the Viejas Indian Reservation. Despite Tesam's tribal upbringing, and Tribal Blood Lineage, he has also had struggled to be enrolled into a Federally Recognized Tribe.  

Episode 17: Native Contruction Entrepenuer Roberto Torres

September 1st, 2020

Roberto Torres stops in to share his professional journey in becoming a contruction company owner and contractor.  included in this discussion is a conversation about Native American generational wealth and higher education. “Berto” shares his personal aspirations as a father and the goal of one day creating a non profit directed at helping new fathers. Along with a few stories from the Rez, “Berto” also shares stories of his upbringing, including the making of the traditional Kumeyaay Food “Shawii”.. made out of Acorns.  

Episode 16: Native Inc Owner Emerson Joe goes to Navajo Nation Amidst the Covid Pandemic

July 10th, 2020

Native Inc Owner Emerson Joe stops in to share his journey providing emergency aid to the Navajo Nation in response to the 2020 Global Pandemic. Emerson Joe, a member of the Navajo Nation,is widely known for his “NWA” and “Warrior” native clothing designs. Emerson shares his first hand stories of what Navajo Nation is facing today, and provides possible ways to help. Emerson also shares insight into the world of Native Vending and business, as well a couple stories from the Rez.

Episode 15: Native Runner Phillip Espinoza

April 20th, 2020

Live From The Rez Podcast Welcomes Phillip Espinoza to share stories of his journey. Phillip is a Member of the Kumeyaay Nation from Mesa Grande Reservation where he was raised. Phillip is an Ultra Runner meaning he runs 100+ mile races. Phillip is a Rubik's cube Master able to solve the cube in less than a dozen seconds. Combing both attributes, Phillip broke the Guiness world record for most Rubik's cubes solved during a marathon.
Phillip is well regarded and respected for his work in the community, intellectual discussions, and for being a nice guy.
In this Episode Host Ral Christman makes the commitment to Run his 1st Marathon in May.

Episode 14: Native Rapper Lil Stone and Native Personality Joseph Durbin

April 17th, 2020

Native Rapper LiL Stone and Native Personality Joseph Durbin Stop into the Live From The Rez Studio to share their perspective on the upcoming Elections and the Corona Virus. Lil Stone and Joseph Durbin are from the Kumeyaay Nation, and both known for their quick wit and Rez humor. 

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